DJI Mavic 2 Pro
with DJI Smart Controller


DJI presents Mavic 2 Pro in kit form with Smart Controller, the new remote control dedicated to the Mavic 2 series that integrates a 5.5″ display with high brightness and improved controls and features, for an unprecedented and more immersive flight experience.

With up to 31 minutes flight range, omni-directional obstacle sensors, 8GB internal memory and OcuSync 2.0 video transmission system, Mavic 2 contains all the latest DJI technology, and makes it available to any user. Mavic 2 Pro is the first drone in the world with an integrated Hasselblad camera for exceptional image quality. Thanks to the 1-inch CMOS sensor with a 10-bit color profile, the camera captures four times more color levels per channel than Mavic Pro, offering maximum flexibility for photo and video editing.

Obstacle sensors and apas system
Mavic 2 is the first DJI drone with obstacle sensors on each side, to ensure maximum flight safety. Moreover, with the APAS system, it is able to independently avoid the obstacles that are found on its flight path.

Video transmission ocusync 2.0
The new OcuSync 2.0 transmission system allows Mavic 2 to switch from the 2.4 GHz band to the 5.8 GHz band quickly and completely independently, thus avoiding signal disturbances or interference. It also provides a full HD video return even from great distances.

Activetrack 2.0
A big step forward was made with the introduction of the Active-Track 2.0 system. Now Mavic 2 is able to predict the movement of the subject followed, even if the latter were to leave the field of view of the drone. Furthermore, obstacle sensors are not disabled during tracking, and flight speed is not limited during shooting.

Fast and Silent
The design of Mavic 2 has been designed to guarantee excellent flight range (31 minutes) and an impressive maximum speed of movement (72 km / h in Sport mode). The silent propellers guarantee the minimum noise during the flight.

The captured images are automatically processed, and the RAW and JPEG shots can be simultaneously saved in the micro SD, to have more freedom of creation during editing.



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